Turned Inside Out – The Trailer

Turned Inside Out - Poster

Trapped between fear and shame, Michelle Dern must break through the mental and physical walls of her self-constructed cage or face certain death. With the aide of two similarly afflicted women, Michelle reaches the brink of sanity to discover that even reality isn’t immutable.

Written by William R.A.D. Funk, directed by Danny Malin, with a super star cast: Amanda Tilson, Evalina Turpin, Katie Uhlmann, Trevor Botkin, Danika Angela, Julia Borsellino and Jordan Marchand. “Turned Inside Out” is schedule to appear before year’s end.

In the meantime, try out one of film’s trailers edited by the director himself.

“Turned Inside Out” – Official Trailer

“Turned Inside Out” – Teaser Trailer

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