Take pride in your words!

This may seem biased coming from a writer, but always read over your texts, posts, emails, etc. before sending. You may not think spelling, grammar, or that the tone of your words have an impact, but they do.

It says a lot about you. It speaks not just to your abilities to communicate with the written word, but about how you see yourself. Letting the auto-correct maim your missives says you’re too lazy to fix it. It says the person receiving your message isn’t worth those few extra seconds of your time. It says you don’t respect your own words enough to think, not once, but twice, maybe even three times, before sending them out into the world.

People used to have to hand write their messages to one another, using expensive ink scrawled across even more expensive paper with the plucked feather of a bird. Not only that, most people didn’t know HOW to read and write. Only the affluent had this special gift. We’ve taken it for granted. It has long since started to lose its power–it’s sharp edge. No longer does the pen stand mightier than the sword, and it’s our fault for letting the tip of that pen become dull.

Apologies for what must seem like a random rant, and no this didn’t happen because I read somebody’s poorly constructed message. This is an epidemic. If I can get a few of you to abandon shorthand for the sake of a well written message, then I will have done some good in the world.

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