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Pest Control

Pest Control

If you enjoy Science Fiction, a good laugh, and parodies at the expense of late night infomercials, give "Pest Control" a read.

The story is available for free at the link below:

"Pest Control" @ T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog

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Spinetingler Magazine

On one moonlit night, Sam and his wife, Clara share the deserted deck of their honeymoon cruise ship. Through an unfortunate mishap, Sam finds himself in the open waters of the Caribbean as the cruise liner trails away. Over the course of twenty four hours, Sam must stay afloat and evade the underwater predators hunting him.

William R.A.D. Funk (writing as Robert Acosta, his Horror pseudonym) has explored one of mankind's oldest fears, that which lies unseen beneath the water's surface. Embark on this fictional voyage of close calls and, as the title suggests, the potential agony that razorsharp ...

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Turned Inside Out - The Trailer

Trapped between fear and shame, Michelle Dern must break through the mental and physical walls of her self-constructed cage or face certain death. With the aide of two similarly afflicted women, Michelle reaches the brink of sanity to discover that even reality isn't immutable.

Written by William R.A.D. Funk, directed by Danny Malin, with a super star cast: Amanda Tilson, Evalina Turpin, Katie Uhlmann, Trevor Botkin, Danika Angela, Julia Borsellino and Jordan Marchand. "Turned Inside Out" is schedule to appear before year's end.

In the meantime, try out one of film's trailers edited by the director himself.

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Shifted Suspicions

On the cracked desert flats of No Man's Land, Commander Albus discovers that sweltering heat isn't the only danger lurking near his isolated outpost. The Vicis, an ancient and long forgotten enemy, has targeted the outpost and its inhabitants. It doesn't want land, or gold, or political power. It wants the annihilation of all mankind in pursuit of its vengeance.

Published by Silver Blade Magazine in September, this novellette combines Science Fiction and Fantasy into one nail-biting thriller. When suspicions shift from foe to friend, no one is safe.

It's available through the link below:

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Speak English

Language, as with life itself, is in a constant state of flux; it evolves from one generation to the next. "Speak English," recently published on T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog, is a short work of Science Fiction by William R.A.D. Funk that shows but one possible outcome for the future of the English language.

The story is available to read for free at the link below:

"Speak English" @ T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog

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Themed in homage of Science Fiction's late and great Isaac Asimov, Penumbra Magazine's June 2014 issue has included a number of short stories inspired by the man who brought us the Three Laws of Robotics.

Penumbra is a professional rates paying publisher, and they've included my short story "Replaced" in this exciting issue. Click on the image to be directed to their store, if you want to purchase a copy of the magazine or subscribe for multiple issues.

If you like robot fiction, get ready to be entertained!

The volume of the magazine, in which this story ...

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